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Wholesale Management Software

A wholesale management sales software that manages the different layers of the workflow, from quotations to sales orders.
You can automatically set the price list for each customer from purchase, document management, quotation, transaction statement, and barcode generation.
We support languages and tax laws in over 80 countries around the world.


We select POS systems suitable for various work environments and have optimal compatibility with our developed software.
We are supplying only hardware that has been tested for safety in various countries. It is a general type POS terminal with a sophisticated design and a variety of peripherals.
It is easy to install and can be used in restaurants, cafes, and general retail stores, and users can easily utilize it from ordering to payment.


Optimized for the user environment of distribution, dining, specialty stores, and franchise industries
It is a POS terminal.

It is an all-in-one POS equipment with built-in touch screen, high-speed printer, and customer display window. It is suitable for jewelry shops and cosmetics stores due to its high space utilization.

Wide screen POS system with 15.6" touch screen and high specification
CPU is supported, and the supermarket
It is suitable for small and medium-sized stores.

It is an all-in-one POS terminal without wires that has built-in touch screen, printer, and customer display window.

Food, Drug and Retail System


The retail store system provided in J2012 provides various management modules to maximize efficiency during operation.
All user activity logs are saved and all data is delivered to users through 50 types of reports.



Wholesale Distribution


It is a solution developed according to customer needs by collecting data for 10 years based on experience in the field around the world

Customizing Services


We develop programs to meet customer needs and provide optimal solutions for the work environment. If you want a specific function tailored to your company, you need to use a customizing service.

Mobile Receipt


Want a paperless receipt? With a simple method using a beacon signal, you can easily keep detailed receipt details through your smartphone in the same way as a paper receipt.

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